Access to and Rights of Health Care Services at OOH

In our mission statement, we speak of "cultivating health and wellness by providing engaged and innovative medical, dental, and vision care for our community." Ensuring that everyone in our community can access our health care is a large component of our mission.  Oak Orchard Health (OOH) has services in place that connect people to health care regardless of circumstance - enabling OOH to provide high quality and innovative care - with dignity and respect -  to all in our community.

At OOH, we believe that informed patients are empowered patients, and empowered patients are ultimately healthier patients. Empowering our patients includes the manner in which our providers partner with them to improve their health and wellness. It also includes informing our patients of their rights as a patient. Below you will find information surrounding access to health care services and your rights as a patient at Oak Orchard Health.

High-quality health care accessible to all.